27. mei 2020 - 17:00 tot 18:00
Wonda Women

Wonda Woman talks to Lady Rampant: Feminism, Activism and Drag, Wonda Women, woensdag, 27. mei 2020

[online event]

‘Drag implicitly reveals the imitative structure of gender itself… Indeed, the parody is of the very notion of an original. [it] reveals the fundamentally performative nature of gender’

—Judith Butler (1990:187–88)

On the 27th of May, Wonda Women is thrilled to be talking to our special guest, the Scottish lioness, it's Lady Rampant!

This drag queen took the Dutch drag scene by storm whilst studying a masters in International and European Law at the UvA. Now, she's ramping things up in Scotland after winning Best Political Drag Performer at the Glasgow Drag Awards 2020 due to her political performances and activism in Scottish politics. Alongside being a ***** artist, Lady Rampant is also a staunch feminist who combines drag and activism to spread a message of diversity and intersectionality in modern feminism.

The event will be an interactive talk on the intersect of drag, queerness and activism, and it’s place within the feminist movement; there will be an introduction by Lady Rampant, and then an hour of Q&A, so come with questions and please, don’t be shy!

Check out Lady Rampants work:




In order to ensure that this online event is a safe space for everyone, there is only a limited amount of spots!

?? To reserve your space for the event: go to our website https://www.wondawomen.com/events/wonda-woman-talks-to-lady-rampant

?? Tickets are free, but please only reserve if you’re sure you can make it!

?? All genders are welcome.

?? Language during the event will be English.

?? If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to email

woensdag, 27. mei 2020, Wonda Women, Wonda Woman talks to Lady Rampant: Feminism, Activism and Drag

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