Wellness workshops with Essential Oils - Educational topics, Online, donderdag, 18. juni 2020

Be Empowered to support your emotional wellbeing, physical body & create ambience in your home with Essential oils.

About this Event

Have you ever wondered if there was something else you can do to bring about wellbeing & harmony in your family's life?

Something natural, safe & effective?

Do you want to learn a natural way to boost your physical and emotional health that is safe, effective and easy to use?

Integrating essential oils into your daily routine can easily promote your overall health and wellbeing!

How did YOU feel last week?

In an average week, most people would have experienced at least a couple of the following issues:

*Stress and overwhelm

*Sleep disturbances

*Supporting your immune system – feeling sluggish, or low on energy

*Weight issues, digestive health or hormonal ups and downs

*Physical pain – headaches, back and neck discomfort, relieving discomfort of mentrual cramping

*Feeling emotional – overwhelmed, depressed, unworthy,

*Lacking motivation – disconnected from your purpose, passion or creativity, lack of focus and concentration

Isn’t it time you felt better?

Yes, I have an oil for that!

Come and learn

How to manage your emotions for peak performance in daily life

How nature has provided us with safe effective solutions

The best options for you and your specific situation

Join in and learn how essential oils can help:

* Stress reduction

* Sleep and sleep issues

* Moods and emotions

* Relaxation

* Immune Boosting

* Kids and their wellness/behavior

* Improve Focus and concentration

* Releive Sore muscles, tight shoulders

* Head tension and related issues

* Cooking, cleaning and lots more

DōTERRA is an empowering organisation that supports everybody’s health.

DōTERRA essential oils are certified pure, tested grade (CPTG).

donderdag, 18. juni 2020, Online, Wellness workshops with Essential Oils - Educational topics

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