25. augustus 2020 - 17:20 tot 18:20
Hague Hoppers
NetherlandsThe HagueThe Hague, Netherlands

Try another role in Lindy Hop, Hague Hoppers, dinsdag, 25. augustus 2020

The tendency in the nowadays lindy hop community is to promote the 'everybody leads, everybody follows' principle. Taking another role requires some skills, but mostly braveness to do so and change in your patterns. We offer you a class where you can try another role without being judged for your 'mistakes'. We won't switch during the class, you really dance the whole class in another role and take a chance to feel the difference. Highly recommended for Beginners 2 and above level of lindy hoppers.

Teachers: Stéphanie and Katya

Please check our corona protocol: https://haguehoppers.nl/covid-19-protocol-for-hague-hoppers-dancers/

Registration is possible only with a partner (of any gender):


Price is €10 pp. to be paid on the spot (in cash please).

dinsdag, 25. augustus 2020, Hague Hoppers, Try another role in Lindy Hop

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