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This Week’s Top Story: Build Awesome-Life of Wealth-Time-Money as an Awakened Millionaire during the pandemic and beyond!

About this Event

Million-Dollar Questions that Demand an Answer for Your Greater Financial Freedom. Ask yourself:

• What does a life of wealth look like to you?

• What is your end goal financial freedom or millions of dollars?

• Do you want glamorous lifestyle with high end clothing, cars, huge houses and no job?

• Do you want a Porsche, Ferrari, a Lamborghini or …?

• Do you want a mountain home, a beach home and one more in the Caribbean?

• Do you want the freedom to retire at 55 (or earlier)? The freedom to take nice vacations. The freedom to choose to do what you want at the end of the day?

Will doing what you are doing give you all the things you want?

• Are you earning all the money you want doing work you love?

• Are you dissatisfied with the work you do?

• Do you believe your job will pay you what you are worth or give you want you want?

• Do You want Freedom and Security beyond the 9 to 5 lifestyle?

As we all get older or experience the ups and downs of the economy, we worry about job safety and security. In this fast-paced world, the age of the 30-year career, gold watch and pension has gone out the window.

Are you ready to stop living the 40-40-40 Plan and Start Living your Dreams?

Every J.O.B is designed to keep you dependent on the 40-40-40 plan. Which means: You work 40 hours a week, you do that for 40 years, & hope to retire with 40% of what you struggled to live on all your life. Most companies keep you until they find someone who can do the same work for less pay.

• Have you ever thought about what would happen to you or your family if you got fired today without notice? How long could you survive?

• Did you know that 97% of Americans retire financially broke dependent upon friends, family, and the Federal Government?

• Do you know anyone that has worked for 30 or more years that retired wealthy?

• Do you really know what Social Security will pay you after you do finally retire? Remember a J.O.B was not designed to get you rich it was designed to keep you dependent! Ask yourself, is it doing its JOB?

Are you tired of living Paycheck to Paycheck?

• Are you tired of having more Month left at the end of the Money?

• Are you Sick of Your J.O.B yet?

Will you job pay you enough to reduce your debts or pay for:

• Housing Costs?

• Personal Debt?

• College & Educational Costs for yourself or children?

• Health and Wellness Costs?

• Other?

What's your a Plan B? What will your future 5-10 years look like?

If we are dependent on social security alone, it is a dismal picture. A life after a glowing career that ends in poverty isn’t very attractive and the 7-figure next egg to replace lost income seems out of reach.

Unless you're blessed with a trust fund to pay your bills, it's essential to devise a plan and system for the work you love to provide an abundant income.

Isn’t about time to start reprogramming yourself for the wealth and fulfillment you deserve?

Are you earning from any of these income sources?

If so in what amounts? Are they enough to quite your job or retire?

• Rental Income

• Annuity income

• Dividend and capital gain income

• 401K lifetime distribution income

• IRA distribution income

• Social security income

• Income from a reverse mortgage

• Income from treasury or another bond income

• Income from a side gig

The reality is no matter how much we like to work; we may not be able to in the future or our job skills will no longer be needed or the jobs that we enjoy won’t exist anymore.

An alternative income source may be more realistic than hoping that our jobs will be around till we die.

Using an alternative small business income source can increase future earnings and retirement income in the future. Then we won’t have to depend on a job for our sole source of income. That can be a very liberating feeling.

Unless you're blessed with a trust fund to pay your bills, it's essential to devise and use an opportunity, plan and system for the work you love that provides an abundant income.


Thousands of other people around the world have used this opportunity, plan and system to create an abundant and happy life instead of just getting by, wishing and hoping it would change.

Now, you too can Build an Awesome Life of Wealth-Time-Money by starting the business of your dreams, doing the work you love, and skyrocketing the results of your current income source.

Let us show you how to make the adjustments required to become successful as your own boss, on your own terms. Then let us guide you with a step-by-step battle-proven opportunity, plan and system for doing just that.

Do this, and you'll quickly find the happiness, freedom, income, and security that you've always been looking for but have never quite achieved.

Get control over your time and money, so you build real, lifelong security through entrepreneurship. By Earning and Spending Smart, you can truly live rich.

Get a clear road map to wealth that is yours for the taking. Follow these simple steps and you will take control of your financial future.


Business Owners and entrepreneurs who are ready for a change. This will challenge and help you make powerful shifts that can change your thinking from someone who depends on a regular paycheck to someone who loves and thrives off profits.

Entrepreneurs who want the concrete opportunity, plan, system, tips, practical examples and sound advice for making it in their own business.

Thousands of people just like you around the world have left the safe, salaried job to venture into the unfamiliar but exhilarating world of being their own boss. If you are seeking STEP BY STEP, HOW Principles to Achieve ALL Your Financial Goals contact us.

If you are a US resident, schedule a quick 15-minute call with me to determine if this is the right step for you.


Michael Kissinger

Phone 415-678-9965


Internationally Recognized Business Coach, Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Author, and Keynote Speaker

What people are saying:

"After years in the corporate world, I took the leap and started my own business. I finally wake up liking what I do." — Mike

"I used to put in 70 hours a week as a VP. Now I never miss my kid’s soccer game or a date night with my wife. -James

"Job security in the corporate world isn’t what it used to be. I am building my long-term wealth through a side business – which gives me tremendous peace of mind."— Julie

donderdag, 23. januari 2020, Online, This Week’s Top Story: Become an Awakened Millionaire Earning BIG Money

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