01. juni 2020 - 16:45 tot 18:45
LAB 111
NetherlandsAmsterdamArie Biemondstraat 111

Second Chance Cinema: Captain Fantastic (2015), LAB 111, maandag, 01. juni 2020

We're back... We've missed you and we're extremely happy to be able to welcome you back! Starting June 1st we will breathe new life into our cinema with Second Chance Cinema - a wild, lively and amorous selection of recent (arthouse) films, modern classics and LAB-favorites which you'd want to catch up with or revisit over and over again!

✺ Please note that due to the Covid-19 regulations our capacity is limited and reservations are obligatory. We will be taking all necessary precautions to make your return to our cinema both safe and pleasant.

Tickets: www.lab111.nl/programma.

◈ Captain Fantastic (2015)

How do you raise your children in a modern age? If you are Ben (Viggo Mortensen) then unconventionally is the answer. He’s an off the grid survivalist whose children read books around a campfire and all are proficient in hunting.

A tragic event forces them on a road trip to confront some of the traditions of society but also question some of the choices their dad has made. One of the most refreshing films of recent times Captain Fantastic is both funny and moving and a grand salute to being anti-corporate.

LAB1| 1h 58min | Dutch subtitles | Cineville ✓

➔ Hungry for more? For information about our bar Strangelove Amsterdam: www.lab111.nl/strangelove.

maandag, 01. juni 2020, LAB 111, Second Chance Cinema: Captain Fantastic (2015)

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