07. november 2020 - 11:00 tot 15:30

SAMPLE #5: Spoken Word with Carmen Veduyn, POPEI, zaterdag, 07. november 2020

Can’t wait for Area 51 to reopen? Now you can sample everything that we will have to offer.

Once re-opened, Area 51 will be a center for all street culture disciplines. Sports, dance, music and art will reside in the same building, inspiring and influencing each other once again. Join our Samples and try out everything that we will have to offer.

Were you ever looking at the blank screen in an attempt to write something but the muse was just not kicking in? Writing, as many other creative skills, can be trained and developed.

In just 2 Saturdays, Carmen will help you get started with creative writing and presentation of your pieces through exercises focused on kickstarting your imagination.

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Freewriting and Flow:

What is freewriting? The first step for a piece without thinking or scrapping, in other words, real writing and producing without editing.

What is the flow? Once you have a piece you obviously don't want the presentation to be as lame and monotonous as the one of the 60-year-old divorced teacher in front of the class. In order to make the presentation fluid, we will learn to flow. We do this by writing with and to music and through a number of voice and rhythm exercises.

Piece of spoken word history:

What is spoken word actually and where does it come from? What are the most important lessons from OGs like Ursula Rucker and Buddy Wakefield to bring into your work?

Learn to freestyle:

Nothing is better than a round of freestyling. In addition to the spoken word, it is also great for the procrastinators among us who often have to enter a presentation or meeting without preparation. With the help of eye-catchers and the fixed recipe for a head-to-tail freestyle, you will learn the tools to be able to twist everything up like Brugman, but poetically.

Sensory writing:

Because writing is nothing if not art that embodies what is experienced, feeling and perceiving in daily life, a piece of sensory writing cannot be missed. We are going to gain a lot from sensory stimulating activities. It is really about writing from, smelling, seeing, hearing, tasting and feeling.

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Carmen Verduyn is no stranger to Eindhoven when it comes to poetry. Except in paper publications such as "Let's talk about love" or "What makes life meaningful" you can find her work in 040 on many walls, benches or trash cans. You may know this lady of many hats from her role as a coach at Poetry Circle 040, a crew member of Onspoken or Losse Eindjes or from her essays for the series "Radical Writing".

Because Eindhoven is in fact a large village, she also likes to travel the Netherlands and Europe to get straight to the point with the raw, unruly, straightforward Eindhoven writing style. She has performed on stages such as, The Concertgebouw, Frankfurt Book Fair, Music Center Hannover & The Tropenmuseum.

Carmen is especially in her element when she is freestyling. She does so on a regular at conferences, festivals and in the theater.

You can find most of her work at www.carmenverduyn.com

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You can register for Sample #5 by buying a ticket via https://shop.ikbenaanwezig.nl/tickets/event/area-51-samples

Each Sample has limited spaces (15) so make sure to purchase your ticket in time.

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The price for a single Sample is 10€

Buy a Combi Ticket for 2 Samples of your own choice and pay 15€. (25% off)

All the material costs and little refreshments are included in the price.

zaterdag, 07. november 2020, POPEI, SAMPLE #5: Spoken Word with Carmen Veduyn

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