Royal Academy of Art, The Hague X Unseen photo fair 2017 OPEN, Nederland, zaterdag, 23. september 2017

Please join us for a moment of celebration!

Let Me Tell You About... is a collaborative project between the photography department from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague and Unseen Amsterdam. It reveals the personal photographic investigations of 12 third year students and explores new possibilities in visual storytelling.

At 17:30 we will kick off with a few opening words by Emilia van Lynden, the artistic director of Unseen, Rob Hornstra, co-head of KABK Photography and Jeroen ******, co-founder and creative director of ****** & Herrman. The exhibiting students will be happy to show you around and tell you more about their projects.

While each photographic story is distinct, the students all focus on a collective yearning to break down themes that are difficult to digest as makers. The works were developed during the Documentary photography course taught by Raimond Wouda and the Fiction & Society course taught by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin. The concept and design of the project is developed by ****** & Herrman.

We are proud to announce the participating students: Nael Quraishi, Elodie Vreeburg, Viktor Naumovski, Katarina Juričić, Sophie Straat (Schwartz), Caspar von Eugen, Filippo Maria Ciriani, Daniela Roșca, Tibor Dieters, Avgud (Alex Aleshin), Stella Loning and Linnea Frandsen.

The exhibition is FREE of charge and will be open from 22-24 of September in Amsterdam.

Don’t miss any updates. Follow @ () for exciting insights into the students’ creative processes, audio stories, guided tours and more!


zaterdag, 23. september 2017, Nederland, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague X Unseen photo fair 2017 OPEN

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