Project X - Cruizados 10 year anniversary - 2018, Dordrecht, vrijdag, 24. augustus 2018

loved ones! friends and family! we are proud to announce that it is really happening........................
the Cruizados-All-Weekend-Ten-Year-Anniversary-Party is coming closer and closer guys and galls !
the campside at the stay-ok in dordrecht is ours ! the prices per person per night are calculated !! the routes are planned ! the bars are warned(-ish), the bands are booked ! the day-scedules are planned ! so now we only need YOU to bring the rest of the fun!
contact Hayco or Hellen about prices and payment.
contact Miggel or one of the other dutchies if you can't bring your bike and thus need one.....,
we cant wait to see all of you to celebtate this decade of being framily!
*3663* CRUIZADOS PROJECT - X *3663*

vrijdag, 24. augustus 2018, Dordrecht, Project X - Cruizados 10 year anniversary - 2018

Oranje toernooi

Oranje toernooi

donderdag 26. april 2018
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The Kelly Family

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