POISON AND POLUTION AWARENESS WORLD WIDE, World Wide , zaterdag, 12. januari 2019

This is a forum that allows people to collect and share information on traditional ways to fight pests in crops. And share information on pollution hotspots in your region.
I have set a date far in the future, so there is a chance to collect a lot of information. Please share.

I watched a shocking documentary. The message in the images in the documentary shocked me. Because at some point women in different parts of the world express the feeling that it is no longer possible to bring children into the world.

Long ago I created a painting with the title: Man (human) but for what purpose art thou? Questioning the way people live. We only exist on this planet to have children, to make sure that our roots, that go back to the beginning of time, continue. When women all over the world question the legitimacy of having children, because of the risk these children have (brain damage, body dimorphic, sickness) because their lands are poisoned by major chemical companies, then we are lost as a species.

I want to collect information on poisoning of environment. I also want to collect information that was handed down by the old people. On how to safe crops from pests.

We, people living in the rich world, are screaming for more GREEN products. At the same time we also press for cheaper products and cheaper food. We use the Economical Crisis to drive us to do that. But the people in the producing countries are suffering the consequence of our demands.

Every day you go shopping in your local Supermarket, and buy the cheaper products, think a while, where did this come from, and who made sure that I can buy it? Not just the multi nationals, but the real people who grew the crops.

If you find something worth sharing, good or bad, please use this page to do so. Perhaps other people can use the information.

zaterdag, 12. januari 2019, World Wide , POISON AND POLUTION AWARENESS WORLD WIDE

Bloedmaan kijken 1 januari 2048

Bloedmaan kijken 1 januari 2048

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