28. april 2020 - 17:00
Physiomotion (Mothers in Motion)
NetherlandsRotterdam2e Sint-Janshof 8

Online Pre-Natal Workshop 3: Optimal breathing, Physiomotion (Mothers in Motion), dinsdag, 28. april 2020

How do you breath the best now and during your delivery?

About this Event

DEVELOP functional breathing techniques for optimal oxygenation for you and your baby

What is the best breathing pattern for optimal oxygen levels for you and your baby throughout your entire pregnancy and throughout all phases of delivery? This workshop uses the principles of the Capno Trainer® and respiratory psychophysiology.

Benefits from this workshop:

  • Become aware of your own breathing behavior and learn how to modify your technique for maximal oxygenation
  • Understand the benefit of tissue oxygenation during pregnancy and its positive effect on end-organ performance
  • Practice customized breathing techniques for all phases of delivery to facilitate maximal oxygen absorption and a more “relaxed” delivery

dinsdag, 28. april 2020, Physiomotion (Mothers in Motion), Online Pre-Natal Workshop 3: Optimal breathing

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