***** lounge Wintercircus 2018 [official b2s event], Nederland, zaterdag, 10. maart 2018

The cold weather and hot vibes assure some hard nipples during a new edition of ***** lounge Wintercircus on March 10. With ganz geile Freestyle beats, ***** babes in naughty Tiroler costumes and a whole lot of powder snow we’ll warm up your bratwursts and pretzels. Let’s get ready to jodel!

****, sensual... Saufen! There are no limits! We can’t just let the winter pass. We can already predict a local winterstorm on the famous Aquabest. Delicious Freestyle, eiskalte activities and huge vases with beer and glühwein. Not only the heated partytent will be decorated accordingly, the Winter sports lovers also have plenty exercises to try out. Those that prefer a more mellow day can satisfy their hunger with tasty Deutsche speise. For the real après-ski tigers this day won’t be boring either. Prepare to langlauf right through a white haze.

***** lounge once again selected the finest artists to raise the temperature to tropical hights.

Paul Elstak
DJ Isaac
The Darkraver
Mental Theo
DJ The Prophet
DJ Vince
The Viper
Plug 'N Play
Lethal MG
Hosted by MC Ruffian

But this is not all! From the 10th of March on, you may enjoy an unexpected musical act at every edition of ***** lounge. That’s all we say for now, but it’ll be super toll! Grab your tickets via www.b2s.nl/pussylounge. See you there, ****!

Would like to buy your ticket including travel & stay? Check out the travel packages on http://travel.b2s.nl.

zaterdag, 10. maart 2018, Nederland, ***** lounge Wintercircus 2018 [official b2s event]

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