13. juli 2020 - 16:30 tot 19:30
Oosteinde 227,2611VE, Delft

Japan Workshop-Saturday or weekday night workshop, Oosteinde 227,2611VE, Delft, maandag, 13. juli 2020

We will hold aizome tie dye workshop, Beeswax wrap making workshop or kid`s tie dye workshop on Saturday morning or weekday nights when we have enough people.Please choose which workshop you would like to attend and tell us days/dates are suitable for you. We will contact you as soon as we have minimum number.

NOTE:You are also welcome to bring in a piece tied ready for dyeing. You may dye 200 grams of fabric. A t-shirt, scarf, or a tote bag are good choices. Types of fabric you can dye are 100% cotton or linen.

Minimum number: 2 (Saturday morning) 9:30~11:30

Minimum number: 4 (Weekday night) 18:30〜20:30

*aizome tie dye workshop including a bandana €22pp

*Bring your own materials you wish to dye with aizome €20pp

*Beeswax wrap making workshop €26pp

*KId`s tie dye workshop including a handkerchief €16pp

Please send us an inquiry form/application form the below if you wish to attend.


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絞り藍染めワークショップ、蜜蠟ラップ制作ワークショップまたはキッズ絞り染めワークショップのどれかを最小人数 2 人(土曜日の午前中)、4人(平日の夜)が集まれば行います。希望のワークショップと希望の曜日/日程を選んでフォームを送ってください。最少人数が集まり次第ご連絡させていただきます。

NOTE; ご自分でt-シャツ、スカーフ、エコバック等々持ち込んで藍染めをすることもできます、その場合100%の綿か麻の素材のもので200gぐらいの重さを目途にお持ち込みください。

*絞り藍染体験 バンダナ付 €22pp

*自分で染めるものを持ち込んだ場合の藍染体験 €20pp

*蜜蠟ラップ制作ワークショップ €26pp

*キッズ絞り染めワークショップ ハンカチ付 €16pp



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maandag, 13. juli 2020, Oosteinde 227,2611VE, Delft, Japan Workshop-Saturday or weekday night workshop

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