How *we* do marketing… with Ugly Drinks!

Getting behind the scenes of marketing at Ugly!

About this Event

This is a prerecorded event available to view online.


At The Copy Club we believe we should be inspired by each other more often. Fun fact, this is actually where our name comes from – encouraging each other to copy (and nothing about copywriting, oops). We are very excited to be running a regular series where we gather brands from the community to share exactly how they do marketing.

In our How We Do Marketing series we’ll give you an inside view on how brilliant members of our community build their brands. The sessions will touch on everything from strategy and the role of marketing in different businesses to execution. Our aim is that you feel inspired by great work and fired up to go make things happen.

We are delighted to host Orla Weir, Global Head of DTC & Brand at Ugly Drinks, and also their longest serving employee. Ugly Drinks are committed to making positive change in the beverage space. The Ugly Drinks products have all been created to tackle the Ugly Truth. The Ugly portfolio consists of Ugly Flavoured, a healthier soda alternative, Ugly Energy Water, a clean energy drink, and now Still Ugly which tackles the Ugly Truth of plastic pollution.

As a brand fuelled by purpose, accessibility has been at the heart of what they do at Ugly. And as a truly digitally native brand, they’ve been able to reach consumers everywhere in the UK & shipped drinks to every state in the USA. For this reason, a lot of Ugly’s marketing tactics have been focused on making the online experience special – from monthly limited edition flavours (a new programme recently launched!), a great unboxing experience, a digital story that is always unfolding and a feedback loop for customers to tell them what they want to see next from Ugly. In essence, they’ve created a community as a marketing team – they make the decisions!

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