Horror Movies Trivia, Tappers Arcade Bar, dinsdag, 30. oktober 2018

Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Dr. Tongue invites you to Tappers for Horror Movie Trivia, now in 3D!!!
Can you prove you are the most ghastly of ghouls? Terrify the town with knowledge at our maim attraction of the night, for the people who love the night...
From Nosferatu to Nightmare on Elm Street we'll be covering movies from classic to recent! If it's horrific and it's a movie, it's fair game.
We all go a little mad sometimes, but don't howl out the answers you blood sucking monkeys!
Do you like scary movies?

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?
Yes, this event is for 21 and over.
What does my ticket pay for?
Your ticket ensures that you and your team has spots to sit during trivia. Your money also goes towards buying sweet prizes to give to the winning teams.
This event is sold out, but I still want to come. Can I?
Yes! We've changed our format and are now only selling tickets for seats. We will still accept as many standing players as we can as walk-ins. Get there a bit early to ensure you have a spot to play! You still have to pay to play. It's $3 per player. This money goes to our awesome trivia hosts that help us put on these great events!
I've got a team of 2 or 4, but want to bring an extra person, is that possible?
Unfortunately, we have limited space so we can't add any more seating. If you purchased a ticket for a team of four, you will only be able to have four people (same goes for a team of 2).
Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Contact us by messaging us on Facebook!

dinsdag, 30. oktober 2018, Tappers Arcade Bar, Horror Movies Trivia

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