19. juli 2020 - 10:00 tot 11:00
lululemon Amsterdam
NetherlandsAmsterdamHartenstraat 13

Happy low back with BLACKROLL®, lululemon Amsterdam, zondag, 19. juli 2020

one of our goals at BLACKROLL: never stop learning!

get in the know about self myofascial techniques and exercises using different BLACKROLL® tools.

this summer we offer community classes at the wonderful studio of Lululemon in Amsterdam where we go into deep on four different areas of the body, related to typical lifestyle issues. 

together we will explore mobilization tips and tricks to improve recovery, flexibility, and finding balance in our body.   

in this last Summer session we focus on the low back.backpain: 8 out of 10 people know it and experience it regularly. in this class we will offer tips and trick on how we can keep the lower back happy!

by exploring passive and active self massage techniques for the lower back, hip flexors and stabilizers we knock pain right out of the park. Did you know the hips are also thé spot to bulk up emotional stress? We will touch upon the essence of passive recovery and sleep quality whilst we are at, as it all is connected..BLACKROLL® MASTER Trainer Olympe Bille will guide you through this class.

we have 12 mats available, every body is welcome. please wear comfortable sports clothing.this event is offered to you for free. please use the Eventbrite link to sign up and reserve your mat. we are so excited to meet you then!

Team BLACKROLL® Benelux

zondag, 19. juli 2020, lululemon Amsterdam, Happy low back with BLACKROLL®

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