27. mei 2020 - 8:00
UP Office Building
NetherlandsAmsterdam55 Piet Heinkade

Executive Assistant Course in Amsterdam, UP Office Building, woensdag, 27. mei 2020

Executive Assistant Training Course in Amsterdam. This is a workshop style session to develop your career as an EA. All training in English

About this Event

Train to Be an Executive Assistant in the Netherlands

Take part in a course to become an Executive Assistant (EA) in Amsterdam. The comprehensive course will give candidates the practical, technical and social skills needed to be a successful and competent Executive Assistant. As an Executive Assistant, you will need to appreciate how to aligning yourself with your company’s goals, emulate the managerial skills of your executive and possess advanced business and administrative skills.

This course gives you the tools and mindset to feel more confident within a professional setting, and carry out your tasks as efficiently as possible. As well as this, the course will help you plan potential future career paths which will require EA skills.

Executive Assistant Course in Amsterdam

The CPD Standards Institute has authorised this course as an internationally viable plan of study. Your future is in your hands - take the first step towards becoming an Executive Assistant today.

Who Is the Course For?

  • Executive Assistants who want to calibrate and hone their existing skills and learn contemporary working methods to stay up to day and improve their current performance.
  • Administrative professionals looking to boost their current skill set and get the experience necessary to become an EA
  • Individuals who want to gain qualifications and experience for their CV
  • Current executive assistants who wish to streamline their skills in Business English
What are the benefits of taking the course

On completion of this course you will receive a internationally recognised CPD Accredited Executive Assistant Certificate. The CPD Standards Institute is an internationally renowned body known for their professional courses.

What Does the Course Involve?

The course takes place in the heart of Amsterdam over 2 days. During this time, participants will be taught by an experienced and qualified instructor. Here’s everything you can expect from the course:

Contents of the Training Program

Day-to-Day Skills:

  • Learn the difference between executive assistant and personal assistant
  • Hone Business English skills
  • Learn how to draft various documents and make presentations


  • Boost confidence for dealing with high pressure executive corporate environments
  • Learn how to align your role with your boss
  • Organisation skills - multi-tasking, performance optimisation for maximum efficiency
  • Management skills - learn to delegate and take control


  • Learn basic management skills
  • Outline the different management styles
  • Learn how to use management in your role as an EA
  • Learn how to work with your boss appropriately and effectively


  • Build professional communication skills
  • Learn the different ways to communicate, both verbally and non-verbally
  • Learn questioning techniques
  • Dealing with office etiquette and politics

Business English:

  • Learn how to influence and convey ideas in a powerful way
  • Gain writing skills for various business documents such as business letters, memos, professional emails and minutes for when you’re in meetings
  • Understanding the difference between spoken English and what is actually meant

How Business Works:

  • Modern business tools explained (e.g. social media)
  • Learn about how to manage projects and events as an executive assistant
  • Communication and negotiation skills
  • Dealing with HR as an executive assistant


  • Learn to communicate with stakeholders
  • Learn how to be assertive, rather than aggressive or passive
  • Learn how and when to say ‘no’

Future Career Planning:

  • Learn to take the steps towards a bright career in the future
  • General career planning tips

You can find details of the course here on our website: CLICK HERE


woensdag, 27. mei 2020, UP Office Building, Executive Assistant Course in Amsterdam

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