Change the world order via the named railway, The trans siberian railway, woensdag, 20. oktober 2021

We will all travel through Russia down to China in 2021 and. We will have a extremly good time. We'll bw 10 years older than we are today.. so you can see it as a gathering of old friends, friends of friends, family, family of family, boyfriend of girlfriend, girlfriend of boy.. you catch me drift i hope? ;)

Anyway, i need more admins since forget facebook all the time. Im a "periodefacebooker"

Now i cant be bothered writing anymore. More info will come. Soon, but hey, we have 10 years to plan this!


If anyone want to admin the event with me, sens me a message!


woensdag, 20. oktober 2021, The trans siberian railway, Change the world order via the named railway

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