26. januari 2019 - 18:00 tot 21:00

Blackfashionweek, Nederland, zaterdag, 26. januari 2019

Welcome to the first edition of BlackFashionWeek in the Netherlands (BFWH '19)

On this special night we want to show something different and something unique.

There wil be 15 amazing designers showing their amazing collections worn by beautiful models all with a unique style and walk. The location and decoration will be amazing.
The show is for everybody and anybody who loves fashion.

Black was the color of the end of the twentieth century and it's popularity goes from strength to strength.

Be unique be you, that's our motto.
In 2019 Black Fashion Week want to make a change in the fashion world. Luckily we see more and more diversity.

Do you think that u have what it takes? Don't hesitate and email at blackfashionweek@outlook.com

and make it your runway!

We are going to show you something memorable.

The show will be held in January 26th 2019 and the casting for the models will be around May 2018. The exact date will follow. Stay tuned.

Ticketsale: October 2018.

zaterdag, 26. januari 2019, Nederland, Blackfashionweek

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